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    Warlocks, yeah?


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    Warlocks, yeah? Empty Warlocks, yeah?

    Post  Nectariners on Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:57 am

    I'm definitely interested in joining you guys, and noticed a lack of lock love.
    Oh god alliterations.
    I want to raid with you guys, as a Belf Warlock.

    Raid Background: Not much too much, I'm afraid. I've played WoW for maybe 8-9 months now. I do however, have A LOT of time on my hard to know fights, be prepared, ect. If I'm causing a problem, I correct it EXTREMELY quickly, because I love to see my entire group be successful. I've run the odd PUG of DS lately... and at the beggining of the patch I was part of a 10-man group in my previous guild. It sorta fell apart though. My current server is dying, now quicker than ever.
    I want out. Help.

    Age: I'm an 18 year old lady.

    Location: Near Chicago. (CST)

    Mic/Vent: Of course.

    Preferred Role: Ranged DPS. Demonology Warlock, specifically. I know the other specs, but demo is my favorite. I plan to continue playing a lock in MOP.

    Time availability: My schedule is completely open, given a day or two notice. I have a very flexible schedule. Timing should never (Save for emergencies!) be a problem.

    Why do you want to join us?: I feel like this guild would be a great place for me. I think I might get a chance to my skill here, and help the group reach it's goals. I want to be competitive, but I also want to make some friends, and feel like I fit in to a guild... not just floating on the edge. I feel like I can do that here.
    I look forward to hearing back soon~

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    Warlocks, yeah? Empty Re: Warlocks, yeah?

    Post  Trademark on Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:16 am

    Hey glad you took a look, we definitely are accepting anyone and anyone who hits 85 and raids in Cata with us will be given a shot. The best players with the best attitudes will be chosen. This is also a good group of people and were having fun rerolling our characters right now. Shoot me a PM ingame for an invite.

    PS: No warlocks yet ^^

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