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    Raid Background: Well in vanilla and BC I was in a top 200 Raid guild on stonemaul and we cleared pretty much everything pre nerf had some problems when we got to muru but after that we finished strong with a quick KJ kill.anyways then in wrath I started to slide a bit and cleared t7 fairly quick but didnt do many heroics and then ulduar came out and we got all the way to one light and got screwed up and guild fell apart, and then joined a 10 man guild for ICC and we killed reg LK like 88th in the US and got all the way to heroic PP where we slowed down majorioy and basically never recovered and got to H lk finally and kind of got burned out. Then cata came out and thats where i basically didnt really raid much hardcore except did do 7/7 H firelands on a decent pace but other than that i have 8/8n and 2/8H in DS.
    Age: 20 almost 21
    Mic/Vent: Yep and yep
    Preferred Role: Unsure until i speak with the GM, can play anything
    Time availability: Answer this as far into the future as you can. Any time after 8pm EST really any day of the week
    Why do you want to join us?:Im looking to join a guild that wants to make some noise in MOP, i want to get back on top of things and actually be in cutting edge progression. And yall seem like you want the same.

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