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    Tindril - Tank (Os dps) or Healing spot


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    Tindril - Tank (Os dps) or Healing spot Empty Tindril - Tank (Os dps) or Healing spot

    Post  Tindril on Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:57 pm

    Raid Background:

    Playing since TBC, raid in TBC = gruul lair, Mag, The EyE

    WotLK = Clear all the Xpac. Ulduar 25manHM before ToGC (algalon + drake achivement), ToGC 25man 5/5 (mad skill) before ICC, ICC = 11/12 25man HM.

    Cata = 7/13 25HM, 6/7 firelands HM and stop playing when DS come out.....

    Quebec, Canada (Yes I am a french canadian WOOTTTTTT) (My english will be better with this guild:P)

    Preferred Role:
    I always play a resto druid, but want to reroll War tank.

    Time availability:
    After 7PM each nights

    Why do you want to join us?:
    Because I want a fresh start with people like me.(Know all the aspect of the game, not only there class etc) and want to give a chance to people who never experience high-end raiding content. But he need to be dedicated to the game if he want to learn well and quick!!!

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